EC Marble Llite

EC Marble Llite

EC Marble Llite

EC Marble Llite

EC Marble Llite
EC Marble Llite
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EC Marble Lite

EC Marble Lite is a color-enhancing cleaner for natural stone surfaces like marble and granite.

It is indicated for use on vertical surfaces such as walls, outdoor stone features and tombstones.


  1. Apply EC Marble Lite on marble or granite surface. Dilute up to 4 parts of water if needed.
  2. Leave it for 5-15 minutes, then rinse it with a neutral cleaner using a mop or soft towel.
  3. Scrub with neutral cleaner to remove the surface micro particles dirt invisible to our eyes on the floor.
  4. Floor Finish or Floor Scaler can be applied when surface is dry.

*Solvent-based marble cleaner for professional use only. It cleans and enhances the surface appearance of marble.

CAUTIONS: Use wet floor signs for any wet procedures. Surface may become slippery after application Keep out of reach of children.